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Federer - Olympics

Federer exclusive: Roger's Olympic masterplan


Exclusive interview with Paul Annacone, Roger Federer’s coach. Annacone has told The Tennis Space that Federer has taken extra care over planning his schedule for this year as the Swiss wanted to ensure that he is primed for the Olympic Games. “You have to be really smart about your schedule as there’s so much tennis to jam in,” said Annacone, who disclosed that Federer start planning for the Olympics this time last year.

Annacone on Federer’s preparations for the Olympics: “The Olympics changes everything as there’s not much time for anything. You have to be really smart about your schedule as there are a lot of matches that have been played already this year, and now we have the Olympics and the US Open coming in the next few weeks, and that’s a lot of tennis. Then there’s the fall schedule, and the year-end championships in London, so the players have a lot of challenges in front of them. There’s so much tennis to jam in. It’s like trying to jam a square peg into a round hole. It doesn’t really work. Individually, you have to be really clear about what you want to do with your schedule, and understand that you can’t play every week. You have to figure out how to structure it so you give yourself the best chance to play. This year is jam-packed with the Olympics, and you have to figure out where and how to take your breaks.”

Annacone on how the planning for Federer’s 2012 season started a year ago: “We sat down this time last year to start talking about this year. And we had in mind what we wanted to do. Roger’s probably the best at that, though Pete was pretty darned good at that. You have to understand about resting your body and not panicking that this guy is getting points there and I’m not playing. You have to just know that you need to rest. Roger has done that well historically and there’s no reason that it shouldn’t be done the same this year. Obviously it’s more challenging when you’re 30 than 23. I’m happy with how he has set it up and I’m really excited about the next few months.”
Annacone on how Federer will recuperate after the Wimbledon Championships: “He is taking a break as there have been a lot of weeks in a row. He will probably take a little over a week and get away from the tennis, and then he’ll come back to practise here for a week and then play the Olympics.”