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Anne Keothavong

Anne Keothavong: I would like to meet Ryan Giggs


Anne Keothavong does The Tennis Space Olympic quiz:

Apart from tennis, the event I hope to watch during The Games: All of them! But mostly badminton and gymnastics.

The Olympians I would most like to meet during The Games: Chris Hoy and Ryan Giggs.

What the Olympics means to me: It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity especially as it’s a home Games. It’s very special to be part of it, plus I’m an East London girl.

If I wasn’t a tennis player, I would like to have competed in this Olympic sport: High jump although I’m not tall enough. Or maybe boxing or taekwondo as I did them when I was younger.

But definitely not this one:  Equestrian.

My Olympic hero from past Games: Denise Lewis.

The question that tennis players are most likely to be asked by other athletes: Can you get me some Wimbledon tickets for next year?