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Wimbledon - bananas

Ross Hutchins: Daley Thompson is my hero


British doubles player Ross Hutchins does our Olympic quiz:

Apart from tennis, the event I hope to watch during The Games: I’d love to go watch the athletics because I think the buzz around the Olympic park will be incredible.

The Olympian I would most like to meet during The Games: Chris Hoy, as I think he is so strong and an incredible athlete.

What the Olympics means to me: It means an enormous amount, it’s the pinnacle of any sport and the fact it’s in London and a home event makes it more special.

If I wasn’t a tennis player, I would like to have competed in this Olympic sport: Triathlon, I enjoy running.

But definitely not this one: Weightlifting.

My Olympic heroes from past Games: Daley Thompson and Sir Steve Redgrave.

The question that tennis players are most likely to be asked by other athletes: ‘Will you play Roger Federer?’