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Jonny Marray

60 seconds with Jonny Marray


The actor I would like to play me in a film about my life: Damian Lewis. He was great in Band of Brothers and Homeland.

If I wasn’t a tennis player, I would be: A property developer. My favourite TV programme is Grand Designs, I’d love to renovate old buildings.

I never travel to a tournament without: My laptop… internet and movies/series are a life saver.

My favourite city on the tour: New York.

The last place I went to on holiday: Golfing for a few days in Scotland.

My favourite restaurant on the tour: Chipotle (Mexican fast food in the US).

My favourite shop on the tour: Apple store.

The last film I watched: Five-Year engagement.

The last album I listened to: I never listen to whole albums, just random songs. The last song I bought was ‘Somebody That I Used To Now’ by Gotye.

The last meal I cooked: Chicken and veg noodle soup thingy.

The last joke I laughed at: I was walking along the road today and on the pavement I saw a white baby ghost, however, come to think of it, it may have been a tissue.

The last time I was recognised in public: Just the other day, in Tesco’s.

The last time I broke a racket: Years ago… I’m a good boy now.

Grass, hard or clay? Grass of course.

Sand or snow? Snow.

Which super-power would you choose – to be invisible or fly? Fly.

If I was in a karaoke bar, the song I would choose: I would never be in a karaoke bar…. so far out of my comfort zone.

If I won the lottery I would spend it on: A box at Anfield, a new house and some nice clothes.