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Wimbledon diary: No camping for Mats Wilander


Mats Wilander is a good sport so it was not the biggest surprise to learn that the Swede had agreed to camp out overnight in the famous Wimbledon queue. It was all part of a gimmick to enhance the profile of Live@Wimbledon, the Championships’ all-new, singing and dancing online TV and radio service. Mats is presenting the TV side of things and had been set to mingle with the brave people who line up every night to get the first pick of tickets but it was cancelled at the last minute. The reason? The Club put the mockers on it, for security reasons.

Either my email is not working or there was no answer to yesterday’s enquiry into just why the mobile phone reception at the All England Club has been so awful over the first four days of the Championships, or why they have not tried to get the mobile phone companies to boost the cellular activity in the area.

Well, it turns out Wimbledon has actually tried to boost the signals, to cover the extra thousands of people milling about the grounds, but Vodafone has not been able to deliver the service. That will not come as a surprise to many people in the UK but it is such a concern that The Tennis Space understands that LOCOG have asked O2 to boost the service during the Olympic tennis at Wimbledon. Perhaps someone can tell Wimbledon’s PR so they know when the next complaint lands on their desk.

Like all players for whom English is not their mother tongue, Maria Sharapova gave her native reporters a few minutes extra at the end of her press conference on Thursday. These extra often produce the best nuggets of information for the media and as Maria was finishing up, one reporter asked her if she had any samples of her upcoming range of sweets, called “Sugarpova”. The sweets will not be out on the market until later this year but luckily for the reporter, Sharapova’s agent Max Eisenbud had a few samples of “gummy bears” for her to taste. The Tennis Space will see if they can get one to taste and report back.

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