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Serena Williams

Top 10 pieces of wisdom from Serena Williams


Serena on the British transport system: “Sure, I’ve been on the Tube. I caught one to Eastbourne once.”

Serena rapping: “I ball hard, no tennis racket; I can’t see these haters through these Gucci glasses.” And, “Swag out this World you should call me Venus; That’s my sister, my name is Serena.” And, “I cook this track up like a frozen pizza; Beats so crazy it might blow your speakers.”

Serena on the whingers on the men’s tour: “Women are much tougher than men, that’s why we have babies. On the WTA we are real performers, we are not going out there being weenies.”

Serena talks to the umpire during the 2011 US Open final: “You’re totally out of control, you’re a hater and you’re unattractive inside. Really, don’t even look at me!”

Serena on the big issues of the day: “I wonder if the Smurfs exist. If so I’d love to spend some time in the Smurf village.”     

Serena on her job as a professional player: “I don’t love tennis.”

Serena on her love life: “I’ve given up on dating. The last relationship was just too much heartbreak. I need to remove myself from that atmosphere for about the next decade or so.”

Serena talking to a line-judge during the 2010 US Open final: “I’ll take this ball and shove it down your throat!”

Serena on her Hollywood ambitions: “I’ve been writing, but I haven’t been writing. In my mind I’ve been saying I want to write, but I haven’t actually physically sat down and picked up the pencil. I’ve been writing a  screenplay, kind of like a movie. So, I love to write, yeah.”

Serena on herself: “I am one of a kind.”