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Wimbledon - Rosol

Wimbledon: The Lukas Rosol Quiz


How well do you now know Lukas Rosol, who described his victory over Rafael Nadal as “like a B team in the Czech Republic beating Real Madrid”?

1. What was Rosol referring to when he said this after the match: “He wanted to take my concentration. I knew that he would try something. I was surprised that he could do this on Centre Court, Wimbledon, you know. It’s, like, something wrong.”
A) Nadal trash-talking.
B) Nadal supposedly dipping and then bumping a shoulder as they crossed at a change of ends.
C) Nadal drilling the ball at him.

2. When did Rosol first play a tour-level match on grass?
A) Last summer.
B) Two years ago.
C) Just this month, at Queen’s Club.

3. What did Rosol do as the roof was closed?
A) He read a book of Czech poetry.
B) He took a shower.
C) He fell asleep in the locker-room, and had to be woken up by a steward.

4. How many times has Rosol previously tried and failed to qualify for Wimbledon?
A) Twice.
B) Five times.
C) Once.

5. Before the match, what were the odds of Rosol winning Wimbledon?
A) 1000-1.
B) 100-1.
C) 2500-1





Answers: 1-B, 2-C, 3-B, 4-B, 5-C