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Sampras exclusive: how to have a great second serve


Pete Sampras, who won a record seven Wimbledon titles, tells The Tennis Space how to have a great second serve.

Have the balls to be offensive. “I always judge a great server from the second serve. Anyone can serve well and hit aces on their day but if it’s off, which sometimes it can be, you want to have a second serve that’s offensive and gives you opportunities, not just looking to get it in. The key to the second serve is having a technically sound serve that under pressure, you can go for it. Then it’s about having the balls to actually do it.”

Learn to pick your spots. “You’ve got to pick your spots on the serve. It’s one thing I always felt like I did pretty well. I could mix up my serve, go to the body, to the forehand or backhand. It’s one thing having a big serve but it’s another being willing to be a bit aggressive with it, even in today’s game where everyone stays back.”

  • Steve Turner

    That’s right Pete – its all about having balls!!

  • Dpbackbeat

    That’s great but he doesn’t really give any instruction here on technique or anything.  He’s just saying you need a good second serve.  Well no sh*t you need a good second serve!   That I already know.