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Paris 10

Oddballs and Oddities


Quips and quirks from on and off the court this week…

Worth a watch
Some of the funniest moments from Roland Garros so far…

When there are more important things to worry about
Rafael Nadal seems to have forgotten something.

Q. If you’re still here on Sunday, how do you plan to celebrate your birthday?
RAFAEL NADAL: When is my birthday?

Bless Boris
Boris Becker is one of the most amusing follows on Twitter. Gems like this are precisely why…

Can u believe it??? Its again Isner Mathieu 5set 14 13….they played the longest Match in Wimbledon

I suppose they are both French and do both begin with ‘M’…

What they got right and what they got wrong
French Open Fashion Hits and Misses from the ever eagle-eyed Beyond the Baseline

When a prank is really not that funny
A couple of years ago, a Belgian radio station prank-called Rafael Nadal during a Davis Cup tie, in the early hours of the morning, by pretending to be his mother. Bless him, he took it rather well. It seems that a French radio station didn’t bother to do their research, because, a couple of days ago, they did the same thing. Only they pretended to be his hairdresser.

Sam Stosur loves Paris

Why Paris is the city of love
Two of tennis’s couples took Paris’s romantic reputation very seriously.

Smart ideas
I don’t know about you, but I loved Lego growing up. So much more than Playmobil. So well done to the Danes behind these natty Olympic lego men. The tennis one is illuminatingly-named ‘tactical tennis player.’

Pete likes a ‘bucks.

Being the perfect father
Roger Federer took his twins for a stroll in Paris. In baggy jeans!

The studious look
Is I think the only way to describe this photo of Ivan Lendl

Bring back the Roland Garros karaoke booth!
We miss seeing videos like this and this