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Miami 2012 - Roger Federer

Nick Bollettieri: Roger Federer could be unbeatable


Nick Bollettieri has told The Tennis Space that Roger Federer would be close to unbeatable if he had a two-handed backhand.

Bollettieri on Federer: “I believe that if Federer had a two-handed backhand no one could ever beat him. Nadal’s heavy cross-court ball hasn’t helped Federer. In today’s game, with the technology of the rackets and strings, people hit the ball with so much power and spin. The physical make-up of players is so different. You’re playing against animals. The average height is probably 6ft 2in, and you get players such as John Isner and Juan Martin del Potro. Those guys are giants. If Roger had two hands on the racket, that could help him.”


  • Princeken88

    what an idiot, why didn’t nick produce a player and not hire people to do it for him, great business guy but nothing about tennis, can’t even hit the ball

  • Jean Mcmurdo

    I disagree.Roger’s one-handed bachand allows for more finesse in placement

  • Anirban

    HE doesn’t know anything about tennis….