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Rafael Nadal

Nadal: I don't mind when Toni claps my opponents


Rafa Nadal on why he doesn’t mind when his uncle and coach Toni claps his opponent’s winners (it is extremely rare to see see coaches doing that in professional tennis). Nadal, last year’s beaten finalist at Wimbledon, has said he argues with Toni almost every day as “we don’t see things exactly in the same ways”.

Nadal on why he doesn’t mind when his uncle Toni applauds his opponent’s winners: “I don’t wonder what’s happening, no, no. For sure, I understand. At the end, it’s a game. Everybody wants to win. But I feel lucky to be here and I feel lucky about everything that happened to me. That’s normal, if somebody’s doing something really good, the normal thing is to congratulate the opponent and probably that’s what Toni does when he claps my opponent. But that’s not going to affect me during my matches. I love to win, I love competition and I will try my best until the last moment, but I think other people understand competition differently to me.”

Nadal on arguments with Toni: “We argue almost every day. We discuss about tennis, we discuss about football, we discuss about life, we discuss about a lot of things, seriously. We don’t see things exactly in the same ways.”

Nadal on taking advice from Toni, even when he doesn’t agree with it:  “I think I always listened a lot, to all the people and for sure my uncle, too. Sometimes I cannot agree with a few things, but if he told me something inside the court, even if I do not agree, I will do it. From inside, you don’t have probably that feeling but from outside, it is probably easier to watch what’s going on inside. It’s always easier to say, ‘OK, I don’t agree but I will try’. But sometimes you have to do what you’re feeling. If he told me you have to say you have to serve wide, and I feel in that moment the serve to the middle, I will serve to the middle. But if it would happen 100 times, 90 times I will serve to the outside, not to the middle, only a few times not to the outside when I have the feeling.”

Nadal on the trust he has in Toni: “I trust him because he is my coach and I have to believe in him.”