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Wimb12 - Federer

Mats Wilander's critique of the top four


Mats Wilander, a former world number one, analyses the top four for The Tennis Space, and their chances of winning the Wimbledon title. Here’s why each of the four can – and can’t win – this summer’s Championships.

Novak Djokovic:
Why he can win it: “Because he won here last year. He knows that it’s on his racket. If he plays well, it’s going to be very difficult to beat him.”
Why he can’t it: “Can he keep this up? Can he keep up the mindset that he had last year? No, he can’t, I think we’ve seen that. Can he keep on thinking he’s a better player than Nadal?”
Rafael Nadal:
Why he can win it: “Because he just won the French Open, and because he’s back from the setbacks of last year. He’s a better player now, and he’s just beaten Djokovic in a grand slam final, and mentally I don’t think the surface means so much.”
Why he can’t win it: “They’re playing on grass, and he has to win seven matches. This is the only grand slam where opponents go into matches knowing that it’s not going to be physical against Rafa – it’s physical in terms of explosive, but not fatigue. Someone like Djokovic will think he can find a pattern and stay with him from the baseline. Nadal has to play really well for seven matches in a row and Djokovic doesn’t.” 
Roger Federer:
Why he can win it: “Because he serves well, which means that the points are shorter. He’s won it six times. He hasn’t won a major since the 2010 Australian Open, but, hey, when you’re still on the tour you think you can win. It doesn’t matter whether your last major was two, three, four years ago – you still think you can win it. You don’t worry about the rankings.”
Why he can’t win it: “He doesn’t beat Djokovic anymore. He doesn’t have Nadal at grand slams and hasn’t had it for a while. He’s probably going to have to beat both of them.” 
Andy Murray:
Why he can win it: “I like his game when he doesn’t have to be proactive. He’s very similar in Federer in many ways in that he’s a great defensive player. He’s a great offensive player when the opportunity presents itself. He defends it, and then he gets a good ball and thinks, ‘oh wow’, and then he’s good enough to do it. He doesn’t have to be as proactive as on other surfaces – he can chip, slice, get the ball back into play with the returns, and win a few points that way. He doesn’t need as much focus and concentration as on other surfaces. He doesn’t have to think about the future or play anything. He can just think, ‘oh, okay’ and play and it happens. He likes it when people watch him – when he’s more intense, he tends to be more proactive. The more relaxed he is, the less he’s into what he wants to achieve.”
Why he can’t:  “He hasn’t done it before.”

Mats Wilander and Annabel Croft are presenting Live @ Wimbledon this fortnight. http://www.wimbledon.com/en_GB/interactive/index.html