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David Nalbandian

John Lloyd: Nalbandian will be booed at Wimbledon


John Lloyd has told The Tennis Space that David Nalbandian should expect to be booed when he plays his first match at Wimbledon. Nalbandian is being investigated by police for the incident at the Queen’s Club on Sunday when he kicked a hoarding and injured a line-judge’s leg.

“Wimbledon is the most polite place in the world, but I wouldn’t be surprised if was booed even there. When he plays his first match at Wimbledon, there will probably be a few boos, and mutterings and comments. In other places in the world – I’ve been getting calls about this from friends in the States, as the footage has gone everywhere in America – he could get a nasty reaction. I think don’t people were impressed by his tirade against the ATP Tour and the way he tried to deflect blame. If he had used that opportunity to apologise to everyone, to say, ‘I’m sorry, I’m an idiot, and I did a dumb thing’, everyone would have been more forgiving.

“Everyone does dumb things, and he was unlucky that the hoarding broke, so if he had apologised I think the public would have found it much easier to understand. I don’t think he handled it very well.”

  • Zee

    The AELTC should withdraw its invitation to Nalbandian

  • Steve

    Frustration is perfectly understandab, even lashing out in frustration is understandable, Lashing out and hurting someone is unacceptable.Especially when it was obvious they would be hurt, and then sadly using sorry as an excuse is unforgiveable. Sorry is a cheap word unless you mean it.