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Rafael Nadal portrait

If the top four had a bar-fight, who would win?


If Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Andy Murray had a bar-fight, who would win? Mats Wilander, who is presenting Live @ Wimbledon, has the answer.

“I would hide behind Rafa. First of all, he would be diplomatic enough to walk out of the fight. I would walk out with him. If someone still wants to fight, I would take Rafa’s passion for pursuing the right arguments. I’m sure he would punch someone out first before they punch him.”

Mats Wilander and Annabel Croft are presenting Live @ Wimbledon this fortnight. http://www.wimbledon.com/en_GB/interactive/index.html

  • Amynaz

    Novak would win..EASY!! 

  • http://twitter.com/krisherdown Kris Schaefer

    I have to admit I agree with Mats on this one.  Possibly the only one of the four who could throw a punch is Murray but Rafa would be the one to defend you to the death.

    • Cheesecake

      Yes that sounds about right!

  • Clare2904

    LOL, you really know nothing about Rafa the person if you think he would hit someone. 

    He would try to diffuse the situation but he is more of a man than to hit someone.  He would walk away, not throw the first punch.

  • athena1949

    Roger would back away immediately; don’t want to get those whites dirty. Rafa would step in between the arguers and try to defuse the situation. Andy and Novak would take each other on regardless, though, probably kicking or swinging around Rafa, who would have to back out (protecting Rogelio?). Novak would quickly strip off his shirt, Murray would knee him in the gut, Novak would bite Murray in the ear as he goes down, dragging the Scot to floor with him, and … you’ll have to buy the book to find out how it ends.

    • athena1949

      I should mention that (1) the argument arises from Novak making fun of Judy Murray, and (2)  if Murray’s in a kilt, my money is on him.