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Henman: Murray must block out cries of 'C'mon Tim'


Tim Henman has told The Tennis Space that Andy Murray should not concern himself with the wags on Centre Court shouting out “C’mon Tim”. Murray has said that he finds the ‘joke’ very tiresome: “It happens every match at Wimbledon and I don’t find it that amusing”, but Henman has advised: “I just don’t think it’s worth worrying about.”

“You don’t really hear it from the commentary box, if I’m honest, but I remember times when I was playing that people would shout out, ‘C’mon Greg’. I just don’t think it’s worth worrying about. I think it’s much more amusing when you’re not playing a match and when you don’t have to concentrate on what you’re doing. It’s one of those classic examples of ‘control the things you can control’ and he can’t control that. I’m sure people will carry on shouting this out for years, and ‘Cmon Boris’ as well.”