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Roger Federer

French Open quiz - test your knowledge


Test your French Open knowledge in our quiz (answers below).

1. Which former women’s champion was known as ‘The Body’?

2. What did Roland Garros, a First World War fighter pilot, invent?

3. Which female player has the most singles titles from the modern era?

4. Who was the most successful of the ‘Four Musketeers’ (Rene Lacoste, Jean Borotra, Henri Cochet and Jacques Brugnon) in the men’s singles at Roland Garros?

5. Which former men’s champion described clay-court specialists as “dirt rats” in the pages of his autobiography?

6. When a spectator ran on to the clay during the 2009 men’s final – the day that Roger Federer completed his career grand slam – what did the intruder try to do to the Swiss?

7. What was Roland Garros used for during the Second World War?

8. Which leading men’s player got lost on the Metro last year, as well as breaking a tooth while biting into a baguette?

9. When did one of the Williams sisters last appear in a singles final at Roland Garros?

10. How did Ana Ivanovic celebrate winning the 2008 title?

1. Mary Pierce.
2. He is credited with having invented a forward-firing machine gun which fired through the plane’s rotating propellor.
3. Chris Evert, with seven titles.
4. Cochet won five singles titles at Roland Garros. Lacoste won three singles titles, Borotra won a couple, and Brugnon was never the singles champion (he was a doubles specialist).
5. Andre Agassi.
6. Put a hat on his head.
7. As a prison camp for political dissidents and other ‘undesirables’.
8. Andy Murray.
9. In 2002, when Serena defeated Venus in all-Williams final.
10. Her male coaching staff posed for photographs beneath the Arc de Triomphe, wearing her tennis dresses.