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Cilic and Nalbandian

Cilic exclusive: Police should not be investigating


Marin Cilic has told The Tennis Space he does not believe that the police should be investigating David Nalbandian over allegations of assault at the Queen’s Club. Nalbandian was defaulted from the final, giving Cilic the title, after kicking an advertising board which split and injured an line-judge. “For David to be confronted with this, the police investigation, that’s pretty bad,” Cilic said. “I think it’s an over-reaction for the police to be involved.”

Cilic on his surprise when he heard the Metropolitan Police had started an investigation into the final: “I was surprised when I heard that the police were getting involved because what happened on the court wasn’t intentional. I mean, of course, it was just a reaction, but it ended up being quite tough for him finishing the match like that being defaulted. And then to confront this, with the police, that’s pretty bad. I think it’s an overreaction for the police to be involved. I don’t really want to judge but he wasn’t trying to do that intentionally, as he knew that if he did that he would be defaulted. I don’t think he was trying to do anything like that.”

Cilic on why he did not speak to Nalbandian after the match: “We didn’t speak, no, as he was pretty sad after the final. He was sad and disappointed at how it went down, so we didn’t speak. He was in his own space.”

Cilic on why it was strange to win the title in such unusual circumstances: “There was maybe less pleasure in winning that way. It was an unusual way to win. It wasn’t nice to finish a tournament in that way. I was just glad that I had a great week and that I played some really good tennis. I was happy with that, and also a nice feeling to have the trophy.”

Cilic on why it’s good to be back at the All England Club: “It’s really nice to be here at Wimbledon. The courts are looking as perfect as they could be. The first day back at Wimbledon is always the most exciting, seeing the site again and just enjoying being on the grass courts again. It’s a little bit different from Queen’s, a little bit slower.”

Cilic on how he has never felt better going into a Wimbledon Championships: “This is the best I’ve ever felt going into Wimbledon, in all the years playing on grass. I feel really good about my form. I came to Queen’s feeling pretty good, but after the tournament I’m feeling even better, and I’m just where I want to be before Wimbledon. It’s not just confidence, it’s the fact that I’m feeling the ball a lot better and playing a lot better.”


  • Sunny nine

    It seems there are different sets of rules for athletes and civilians according to Cilic and others.  If I hurt someone in a fit of anger, I would be charged for assault here in the USA .  I am glad that Cilic feels good about his play though.

  • Francissilva55555

    Can anyone tell me, if, in England, during a soccer match, a player gets hurt by another player, will he be  
    investigated/charged by the police???

  • http://twitter.com/jessica4stein Jess Stein

    Marin, I like you a lot. Learn something from it. There is a real world outside tennis, honey, where there is law, police, real people who do not go kick everything or break stuff when angry due to consequences.