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Maggie May

Andy Murray's dog writes for The Tennis Space


Maggie May, Andy Murray’s Border Terrier, writes for The Tennis Space:

Let’s get this straight. I’m not your ordinary tennis player’s dog. I don’t even like tennis balls for a start. I’ll chew them, sure, and rip them to pieces – but don’t even think about asking me to fetch. I have people to do that for me these days.

I enjoy the grass-court season, though. It means I have the household staff on call pretty much full time, and lots of visitors come and go, which is great. Ivan Lendl came round for dinner the other night which I was pretty excited about. I’m a soft touch when it comes to men, you see. I flirted my Border Terrier socks off and even allowed him on my sofa, but he didn’t let me kiss his face which I thought pretty harsh. Maybe it’s a Czech thing?

I’m not au fait with European customs. Rusty and I visited Paris last month, which was very exciting as it was our first time abroad. Everyone there was so accommodating; they really seem to love dogs in France. I’d like to say we were on our best behavior but picking a fight with Daniel Nestor’s coach’s miniature dachshund in the hotel lobby on our last day probably blotted our copybook, so we were sent home before the tennis started. Apparently Pierre Djokovic travels everywhere, but I’ve been told that unless Rusty and I agree to sit in a handbag we can’t be trusted in the player’s lounge. That definitely wouldn’t work as Rusty likes to chew handbags.

So for now we’re happy to be at home; we get to jump on Dad’s face in the morning and there are plenty of socks and ankle braces to play with. It also means we get loads of long walks in our favourite spots – I’m not one to kiss and tell but I did get propositioned by a footballer’s Bulldog in our local woods a couple of months back.  Wimbledon Common is probably the place to be seen during the next few weeks, although if I’m honest I’ll be trying to keep a low profile. The place is usually crawling with paparazzi and swimming in the pond there does awful things to my hair.

I’m not expecting an invite to the All England Club as apparently they have a strict no-animals policy, although a little bird told me that a bigger bird (Rufus the Hawk) holds a permanent position there as official pigeon-chaser. Rusty is great at chasing birds however and I would be more than willing to let them have him indefinitely.

  • Maureen Stewart-Jones

    Thank you Maggie. I really enjoyed reading this. It is entertaining, amusing and very well written..You are right, you are no ordinary dog. I am looking forward to reading more of your articles over the coming weeks. It’s nice to know that your devoted staff are looking after you and Rusty. I’m sure you repay them with lots of affection. I do wonder though if I am growing feeble-minded in my mature years…..I am writing to a dog, albeit an extraordinary one. p.s From what I’ve read in the press my advice is to steer clear of Wimbledon Common.

  • Lyndie06

    You go Rusty.. brilliant…

  • Lyndie06

    Yoy go Maggie,,, Brilliant loved it

  • Murraycairns

    well Maggie, you sound like my kinda girl!

  • bebe

    this is hilarious!

  • bon labrador

    thought you would have something to say this morning of all mornings I’m supporting your daddy

  • Chelsea

    Hi Maggie May,my name is Chelsea and I am also a Border Terrier  who lives in Miami. Your Dad saw me in our building lobby and took a picture of me because he said I reminded him of you!

    Tell your Dad my family is always cheering him on and that he should be very proud of his performance on Sunday!
    I hope someday you might take a trip to Miami, and I can take you to my favorite places (really my Dad’s), like the pet-friendly pubs and on our boat to the beaches!

    I loved reading your column and look forward to you writing again.

  • Debs

    Brilliant, love your insight, ps your Dad is amazing.

  • Scot

    I love Maggie! She’s a great girl!