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60 seconds with Mona Barthel


60 seconds with Mona Barthel, the world No 32 from Germany.

Actress I would like to play me in a film about my life: Taylor Swift.
If I wasn¹t a tennis player, I would have: Loved be a student at a famous university like Oxford, Harvard or Yale.
I never travel to a tournament without: My computer.
Favourite city on the tour: New York (Manhattan).
The last place I visited on holiday: My hometown Neumünster, I am always happy to spend some time at home.
Favourite restaurant on the tour: I prefer to cook for myself otherwise I like to go into the Cheesecake Factory.   
Favourite shop on the tour: Shops in Manhattan.
The last book I read: Warrior of the Light.
The last film I watched: Intouchables in a cinema with a friend.
The last album I listened to: Rihanna, Talk That Talk.
The last meal I cooked: Pancakes with apples.
The last time I was recognised by a member of the public: Just the other day in a supermarket.
The last time I broke a racket: When I was 13 years old, I lost my racket while serving, it bounced on the ground and broke.
Grass, hard or clay? I love playing tennis on every surface.
Hot or cold? Hot.
Sand or snow? Sand.
Be invisible or fly? Fly.
If I won the lottery:  I would buy myself a house in Sweden or an apartment in London. The rest I would give to alternative cancer research.

Mona Barthel is in the field for next week’s Aegon Classic at the Edgbaston Priory Club.