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Wimbledon - Rosol 3

10 Lukas Rosol facts - true or false?


Here are ten facts about Lukas Rosol. Five are true and five are false. But do you know which ones?

1. His surname translates as “jelly”.

2. The saddest day of his life was when he was seven and he lost his pet frog Boing in a Hoover accident. He hasn’t used a vacuum since.

3. When he walked to the practice courts at the All England Club this Saturday morning, he was not hassled by autograph-hunters. The Tennis Space recognised him, but no one else seemed to.

4. He has a scene from a Maori haka tattooed on his left calf, and an image of a snake on his shoulder.

5. His cousin Jan was in Jaws II and won the Czech equivalent of a Bafta for technical excellence operating the fake shark.

6. He loves billiards and, during the off-season, occasionally smokes a pipe.

7. He used to be more famous in the Czech Republic for who he was married to – the athlete Denisa Rosolova – than for anything he had achieved with a tennis racket. The couple were married for three years, but divorced last year, apparently because they never saw each other because of their sporting commitments.

8. His father spent two years in prison for bear-baiting. He was released early for good behaviour.

9. Playing at the French Open one year, he encouraged the Parisians to boo him because he loves a confrontation.

10. He took up tennis by accident after agreeing, when drunk, to play for the university team when studying dentistry in Bologna.






TRUE: 1, 3, 4, 7, 9. Thanks to sportingintelligence.com for compiling the fake facts.