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Who's hot and who's not


Our weekly guide to who’s hot and who’s not.

Who’s hot

Andy Murray
He is missing from The Land of the Smurfs – Madrid’s all-blue Magic Box – because of a back injury, but you can find him in the Sporting Rich List produced by The Sunday Times. These days, the tennis public don’t just want to count a player’s titles and achievements; they also want to count the noughts on his or her bank account. These lists are there to satisfy the apparent need to know what your favourite athlete is ‘worth’.

So, for those who have been wondering, Murray is 42nd on the list for the United Kingdom, on £24 million, which is up £2 million from last year. Murray was estimated to have earned £6.6 million last year, £4 million of which was from endorsements. That income made him the third richest under 30 for the UK, behind only Lewis Hamilton on £55 million and Wayne Rooney on £45 million.

Roger Federer
On the list of the world’s top 20 sporting figures, the Swiss is in fifth place with an estimated fortune of £196 million. He trails only Tiger Woods (£530 million), Michael Schumacher (£510 million), Michael Jordan (£320 million) and Arnold Palmer (£230 million). Incidentally, Maria Sharapova is the wealthiest sportswoman with a fortune of £55 million.

Melanie Oudin
Remember her, the kid with ‘Believe’ embroidered on her shoes who found herself in the quarter-finals of the 2009 US Open. She has pulled herself out of her ranking death-spiral, and has been awarded a wild card into the French Open.

Who’s not

Ivo Karlovic
After losing to Nikolay Davydenko in Madrid, he announced on Twitter that he was in: “F— the world mode.”

Donald Young
The American is having a rough year. Four months into the season, and he has won only two matches.

The traditionalists
They’re not rolling around in the blue clay.

  • http://tennisopolis.com/ Mark @ Tennisopolis

    Great post; hopefully Melanie can do something with this good fortune.  How is she on the clay anyway?
    And Roger should be moving up to number 4 at some point since Palmer is done, but I don’t see him closing the gap to Jordan.