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Roger Federer

Sexiest male: No 2 Roger Federer


Countdown of the sexiest male and female players, as voted for by readers of The Tennis Space:

At No 2 on the list of the sexiest male players, Roger Federer:

One reader writes: “He’s handsome, has great hair, is the most elegant player ever and always looks sharp on and off the court. He’s just too dreamy to be true.”

Another writes: “Words fail me when I begin to describe his beauty as a man or as a tennis player. To begin with, he’s definitely the best looking man on tour. His classic looks and sexy, chocolate curls can make a girl’s heart skip a beat. His beautiful brown eyes and enchanting smile just add to his aura. And his perfectly sculpted, muscular legs. He’s easily the best-dressed guy too – on and off the court. His dress sense is simple yet stylish and he’s extremely suave and classic. The way in which he can pull anything off is amazing.”

A third writes: “He’s the classiest, most elegant guy to ever grace the courts. Those gorgeous brown eyes just simmer.”

  • adb

    Sorry, Roger’s number 1.  He’s the total package, unlike FeLo.  But the latter is cute too, but not gorgeous.

  • Anu

    he looks great and he has a charming look…

  • Aliceg

    Mmm, I think Roger’s number 1…Adorable sense of humor, polite, cordial…As they stated his legs are as worked as you can get them, and his linebacker shoulders, heavy chest and cute navel. And the hair and eyes of course deserve a page all their own. Everything about him seems to scream *BREED*…Ahem, I mean class.