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Miami 2012 - Maria Sharapova 5

Sexiest female player: No 5 Maria Sharapova


Countdown of the sexiest male and female players, as voted for by readers of The Tennis Space:

At No 5 on the list of the sexiest female players, Maria Sharapova:

Reader Pratha Sharma writes: “She’s tall, pretty and has amazing dress sense – she’s easily one of the sexiest female tennis players ever.”

  • http://tennisopolis.com/ Mark @ Tennisopolis

    Masha’s sexiness is directly related to how her dress fits her. If it is slimming on the lower half, she looks great.  If it is slimming up top, and wide on the hips, you can move her down the list a few notches.  Interested to see who you have at 1 thru 4.

  • Cheesecake

    Most people would rate Sharapova as #1, so interesting to see her down here at #5.

  • Lucyoffor

    maria is tall and pretty yes but she is not feminine,i mean a real woman has all the curves and normal boobs but maria is all flat out.she should be down to 10.i’m suprise serena,venus and vika are not in this list.maria is just pretty as most women but not sexy.only few women are pretty and sexy .there is nothing remarkable and spectacular about her look.she should just go and model,she looks like all those skiny pretty model but not the likes of naomi ,harry berry and the feminine super model.she is my little boy,go masha.