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A few odds and sods…

Make your picks!
The French Open has arrived. If you think you know who’s going to end up being boss, why not make your picks on the official Roland Garros Facebook page

Rafa visits Will to Win
Imagine the surprise on the faces of the local inhabitant’s of Will to Win’s Regent’s Park tennis courts when they saw that Rafael Nadal was joining them for one of their sessions. Except that he didn’t seem to be able to move. It was, of course, the newest addition to the Madame Tussaud’s collection, the Rafael Nadal waxwork. Scarily lifelike.

So, Uniqlo, what colour are you going to dress Djokovic in?
Of all the brands to swoop in and take on the now Tacchini-less Novak Djokovic, I’m not sure many would have had their pennies on Japanese giant Uniqlo, whom Orlando Bloom has been the face of for a while. But, other than Djokovic starting to wear their natty puffa jackets when it gets cold, I’m very excited to see what colours they put him in, once Wimbledon is out of the way, of course. I hope they’re bright. And not just red, white, and blue.

Talking about Serena
Rarely does a week go by without Serena making some sort of news. This week, it’s that she’s tweeting in French (google translate?) and spinning some tracks. With big hair.

What to buy in Paris
The Slice has done a nifty guide to what’s on offer in the Roland Garros gift shop. The pot of clay is still my favourite. And totally useless..

Taking a leaf out of Formula One?
Maria Sharapova had herself some champagne after winning the Rome title.

If you needed reminding…
Most tennis players love football. So here’s Andy Murray, Fernando Verdasco and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga trying to out-keepy uppy each other for adidas.

Reese Witherspoon plays tennis!

Do you love Rafa?
You will after watching this blooper reel. Thanks to Beyond the Baseline.

If you thought Petra Kvitova had nothing to say…
…you should watch this great profile of her on Sky Sports. She’s got character.

And lastly…congratulations Robin
Robin Soderling may be off the court, still, but he is going to become a father in September.

And lastly, lastly…
Good luck to everyone in Paris. It’s going to be a steamy one.


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