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Miami 2012 - Murray 4

Exclusive: Jamie Murray interviews his brother Andy


Andy and Jamie Murray are among the most famous brothers in top level sport and although Jamie is the only one in the family to have so far won a grand slam title (in mixed), they still get on very well as they travel the tennis world. Ever game for a laugh – at the other’s expense if at all possible – they kindly granted The Tennis Space an exclusive audience as they asked each other a series of devilish-ish questions.

In the second part of the conversation, Jamie interviews Andy. On Friday, Andy and Jamie disclose the best and worst things about having each other as brothers on the tour.

JM: How would your friends describe you?
AM: I’m sure they’d say I’m pretty competitive.
JM: Not too good at fantasy football?
AM: That’s not what the league table would suggest. Well, not that many of my friends were that good at sports, so I used to beat them quite easily. But I had quite a lot of battles on computer games so I’d say they’d describe me as being competitive.

JM: If you could have one shot from one of your rivals, which would it be?
AM: Well it depends who you would describe as rivals, but if I could take one shot, I’d take (John) Isner’s serve, for sure. It’s probably the best serve ever, the second serve as well. That would make life a lot easier, that’s for sure.

JM:If you could meet anyone in history, who would it be?
AM: I’d take Muhammad Ali, love boxing, pretty fascinating guy. Think he’d have a lot of stories to tell.

JM: If you could put yourself in another sportsman’s shoes for a day, whose would they be?
AM: It would probably be interesting to see what someone like Lionel Messi or Usain Bolt is like, for different reasons. It would just be interesting to see what it feels like when you’re running that fast. And with Messi, what it feels like to be able to run with the ball glued to your foot.

JM:What’s the one thing you would save if your house was on fire?
AM: The one thing I’d say?
The Tennis Space: Save.
AM: Oh, save. I was going to say, don’t think I could get away with that. I would save my dogs, probably. Is that wrong that I said that over my girlfriend? I’d take my dogs, I’d take them for sure.


  • Bambi

    Seems Andy asked more interesting and personal questions than Jamie. Love Andy’s answer on the last question though… funny!