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Miami 2012 - Murray unwell

Exclusive: Andy Murray interviews his brother Jamie


Andy and Jamie Murray are among the most famous brothers in top level sport and although Jamie is the only one in the family to have so far won a grand slam title (in mixed), they still get on very well as they travel the tennis world. Ever game for a laugh – at the other’s expense if at all possible – they kindly granted The Tennis Space an exclusive audience as they asked each other a series of devilish-ish questions. (For the record, the words in brackets, including these ones, are ours).

In the first part of the interview Andy interviews Jamie. In the second part, to be published on Thursday, Jamie will be interviewing Andy.

AM: What is the most embarrassing piece of clothing you have ever owned?
JM: Errm, dunno. Couple of hats. All sorts of them. One with a peak. A couple of trilbys. Maybe a waistcoat. The waistcoat’s alright. That was fine.
AM: The problem was he would wear them all together. It wasn’t like it was just one thing.
JM: Yeah, it was an ensemble.

AM: What is the worst chat-up line you have ever used?
JM: I never used chat up lines. Never. Never.
AM: Those outfits were enough.
JM: They were a statement.
AM: And they didn’t work.

AM: What was the first CD you bought?
JM: Probably Oasis, What’s The Story, Morning Glory. I just remember loving that.
AM: I had, I can’t remember what the song’s called but it went “Oo ee oo ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang”.
JM: We did have Barbie Girl. That Aqua song. Andy bought that for me (joking, we think).

AM: What is the best present you have ever been given?
JM: Errm [thinks for ages]
AM: I hope it’s one that came from me.
JM: Yeah, probably some of the more expensive presents from Andy.
JM: Errm….probably.
AM: You can give the answer, it doesn’t have to have been from me.
(Could be something from your wife?)
AM: Her love and affection?
JM: Yeah, every day that’s a present. Errm, I am struggling here to think of what I’ve got.
(As a child?)
AM: I always bought him a Man Utd shirt.
JM: Probably the last present I got was a Man Utd shirt from Andy, that was for Christmas.
AM: That’s a bit disappointing, to be honest. There’s one that hurt my bank account a little bit he’s not mentioned. (Neither wanted to reveal what that was.)

AM: What’s your most irritating habit?
JM: My wife would probably say picking my nose.
AM: Depends what you do with it after you’ve finished picking your nose.
JM: Or not being a great listener.
AM: I used to hate it when he whistled. Hated it.
JM: Yeah, I whistled to songs.
AM: I hate whistling.

  • Sheilah Watson

    Don’t think they would be entirely honest with their answers – after all they never give much away with regards to their private lives. I sent Andy a message asking would he be in this country on his birthday as I’d like to send him just a ‘small’ gift; got no reply. That is disappointing.

    • Michael

      Why would he reply? He’ll get so many messages and he’s especially not going to reply to some creepy woman asking “will you be at home on your birthday?” He’s probably scared you’ll show up at his house and ruin his birthday or you’ll send a parcel bomb or something.

      • Sheilah Watson

        You’re the one who is creepy making derogatory comments about someone you don’t even know! You make ALL the usual drivel of someone with a suspicious mind!!!! Andy knows me as a devoted sane fan who poses NO threat to him other than to send him a genuine gift. For your information Andy frequently has presents sent to him,and like ALL celebs.knows he has to take the risk with the benefits. So grow up and allow others to have their say, that’s what a democracy is all about!

  • Sheilah Watson

    When’s your birthday? Can I send you a special present Michael?

  • Geoff Debbie

    Loved it they are obviously great mates.

  • misha

    ..I think I read this in a play by Pinter or Becket

  • Andreajacobi991

     Oh Please,Interviewing Jamie…as if someone cares.Bloke married cuz he didnt have career or other prospects in life.And its like big deal?

  • OlympicGoldForTheMiurrays

    I love Jamie Murray. He is a top bloke and a slam winning tennis doubles genius. Great interview. Both brothers are the best thing to have ever happened to British tennis. Both make tennis magical, interesting and fun. What they do to encourage young people to take up this sport is admirable. More from the Murrays please – I love them all. Good luck for 2012 boys. 

  • Yingjis

    come on!AndyMurray!

  • Markthomas

    Jamie has been doing anything for career:changing partners,changing game,getting married,but somehow  he still comes across as a “looser” and “mug”