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Miami 2012 - Rafa Nadal

Borg: To beat Nadal you have to play like Nadal


Bjorn Borg discusses Rafael Nadal, the only other man in the modern era to have won six French Open titles.

Borg on how he would try to beat Nadal. “Tennis is very different now to when I was playing it, as the guys hit the ball so much harder now than they used to, but I think the best way to play Nadal is to play Nadal’s usual game, which is to keep getting the balls back into play and to keep on making your opponent play one more shot.”

Borg on Nadal’s superstitions. “Yes, he likes to rearrange his water bottles and to clean the baseline with his shoe, but it’s normal for players to have superstitions. I had my superstitions in Paris, but I didn’t have any on the match court. Superstitions are okay, unless you have 100 of them, and they stop you from playing matches.”

Borg on his admiration for Nadal. “Playing Nadal at the French Open is incredibly tiring, as you know he is not going to give you very much at all. You’re probably going to have to win most of the points yourself, and you’re going to have to do that for five sets. He’s just a great champion, but he’s also humble, and that’s great to see.”