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Becker exclusive: I've been impressed by Lendl


Exclusive: Boris Becker tells The Tennis Space how impressed he has been by Ivan Lendl, “a very clever choice” of coach by Andy Murray. “It’s just a question of time now before Murray wins his first grand slam,” Becker said.

Becker on how Lendl is transforming Murray
“I’ve been very impressed by Lendl. I think it was a very clever choice by Andy Murray. Lendl went through similar things that Andy has been going through. Andy is playing differently already, with more purpose. I really liked his semi-final against Djokovic in Australia. I think that was a big step forward and it’s just a question of time before he wins his first grand slam.”

Becker on Lendl’s uncompromising approach
“Ivan was one of the first ones that lived tennis. He was the first one to have a special diet, he had his own entourage with a cook and a physio, and his own racket stringer. He did everything so professionally that playing tennis on the court was almost the easiest part. Ivan was always extremely disciplined and extremely focused, and I think that’s definitely going to help Andy.”

On the possibility of Murray winning the French Open
“The French Open is pretty fast these days, but I wouldn’t bet against Nadal. As long as Nadal is playing tennis, he’s the favourite at the French Open. Everyone has to adapt to his game.”

Boris Becker is a supporter of the Barclays Ball Kids scheme