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Miami 2012 - Roger Federer forehand

Will Federer really be in Rio in 2016?


Are we really to believe that Roger Federer, who turns 31 this summer, will be in Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Olympic Games? “It’s not impossible that I will be in Rio,” Federer told the Swiss press the other day, raising the intriguing thought that he will still be on the scene when he is as close to 40 as he is to 30, and when, for tennis, he would be quite an old man (as Boris Becker once said, tennis years are not the same as ‘normal’ years; they take much more out of you).

It has long been supposed that Federer’s last appearance in the Olympics would come at this summer’s Games at Wimbledon, which will be his fourth Olympics. What could be a sweeter finish than holding up a gold medal on Wimbledon’s Centre Court? But, perhaps, after Sydney, Athens, Beijing and London, we are going to through another four-year Olympic cycle with Federer, and that he will still be out there on Brazilian cement. It seems extremely unlikely.

Yes, not impossible, but four years is a very long time in tennis. It will all depend, you have to think, on how competitive he continues to be; if he is not putting himself into the position to win the sport’s biggest prizes, he will not be there, because there would be little point. He is not going to go to South America as a tourist with a racket bag. Plus, if he wins this year’s Olympics singles, he would have achieved everything you can in tennis in singles. Surely, then, he would feel a great sense of completion?

  • Vary

    Like you said it will depend on whether he remains competetive or not. It would be amazing if he was still playing at that age. Would be great for tennis.

  • Sam

    I think he may be there because he simply loves playing tennis. I think that is what has allowed him to play at a high level for so long and is also what will propel him to maintain that level in the future. I could definitely see him there

  • Coomoon

    Olympics singles, is not very important.
    look at history, who had won it?
    all talk about it since 2008, because is the only thing the all great had not won.
    same as the french? they think if the all time great cant win the french it must be the hardest to win, but thats not true.
    is another 1000 addon, maybe not even that, a 500.