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Top 10 tennis players on Twitter


Top 10 tennis players on Twitter.

We thought long and hard compiling this list, and inevitably, we won’t have pleased or satisfied everyone. So please treat it as a starter for debate, rather than definitive decree…


Rarely has a player provided so much amusement without even trying. Whether it was his uncanny ability to tweet events 24 hours late, almost to the minute, or the moment he live-tweeted his way through a replay of a final that was the day before, or the picture-led insight into his continual tour of the world’s nightlife spots, Boris is a must follow. Add to that his one-sentence-per-tweet-rule and his love of exclamation marks, and you have yourself a legend.

Wow…judith tebbutt has been freed from somalia !!!
I was taught long time ago that ur Innocent until proven Guilty !

She may seem a little self indulgent sometimes, and off the wall most of the times, and go into too much detail a lot of the time, but it is for precisely those reasons that Serena makes this list. You absolutely know that it’s her. Add to that, her ‘Serena Friday’ is about the most fan-friendly thing a woman with as many commitments on her time could do. Agreeing to answer questions from her followers every Friday, she faithfully answers even the most random of ones posed, such as ‘Have you ever been to Scotland.’

South Carolina. My maj weakness for southern food… Ugh. I gotta be strong…
And off the wall…
I wonder if the smurfs exist… If so I’d love to spend some time in the Smurf Village

Testament to the adage that you don’t need to tweet all day, every day, Robson blends humour, music recommendations and the like with a healthy interest in celebrity life, pets, not to mention an exuberant enthusiasm for major sporting events. Her coverage of the Open last year won particular appreciation.

The walk from the lift to my room at the hotel in Vegas takes 2 minutes 3 seconds using a fast paced walk. #verylargehotel
And then…
Yes, I timed it. Yes, I am a saddo.

The intelligent German first drew attention to herself on her twitter when she related she was going to handle losing to Svetlana Kuznetsova at the French Open by visiting the Louvre. Extremely dedicated to her fan base, the Petkorazzi, Petko likes to give her verdict on global events, sporting scenes, and even grammar tips.

Is it crying with laughter? Of laughter? Because of laughter? I guess damnyoupreposition.com

Sveta wins the award for most prolific use of brackets, which I think mean smiley faces. Or perhaps they’re commas. She tends to tweet largely in Russian rather than English, but when she does find one that’s for all, it can be anything from shoe recommendations, to how she is feeling, to chats with fellow pros about Dmitry Tursunov’s facial hair, to actually going to watch live tennis.

Ohhhh I got tickets)))I got tickets))I got tickets))))gona watch rafa & roger so happy)thanx to Rafas Agent Carlos))

One of the original players to discover the perils of revealing ones likes and dislikes when he got grilled in a press conference about his taste in music, A-Rod’s twitter shows off his sparkling, sometimes sarcastic personality to the max.

That moment when you can’t find your phone so you call it from a landline…… Then you hear the ringing from around the toilet ..

Not everyone is a fan of Dr deadpan, who is sometimes so dripping in sarcasm, or just plain strange, that it’s hard to know what he’s on about. But on the whole he does a good job of showing the twitterverse that tennis players can be rather like the rest of us, most of the time.

“I was going to the gym.. 3 hours ago. But at least I’m doing something constructive. I’m on youtube..”

Perennially one of the grumpier types on the court, who would have known that Dinara Safina would possibly turn out to be one of the most laugh out loud players on twitter? From her messages of devotion to her “twitties” to her copious use of twitpic and instagram, and Moscow traffic updates, Safina painstakingly replies to many of her @ mentions, usually with a lot of exclamation marks.

As u all my tweeties keep telling me that I never post a picture of me!!! So here I’m!!!!

A very new addition to the twittersphere, Martina Navratilova’s arrival coincided with her stint on Dancing with the Stars, treating her audience to a lot of twitpics and dance move updates. But she also threw out the odd bit of comedy. Now that she’s off DWTS, let’s hope she keeps tweeting.

I see the paparazzi seem to be liking me this time around, wish they were nicer to me in the 80’s but then I am probably nicer too…

Rarely do players say exactly what they think, for obvious reasons, and so it’s entirely refreshing when one comes along who does. Enter Rennae Stubbs, former of the doubles tour, now of the TV analyst family, who just shows what a good conversation can do for your profile.

@ARadwanska is a little magician! I swear she knows where I am going to hit the ball and I am not even playing right now!

Honorary mentions:

Best fan: @PseudoFed
Billed as ‘not Roger Federer’, this tribute to the great man’s undisputed arrogance is a daily chortle.

Watching the Miami final on different TV channels seeing how long before the commentators mention My name #wontbelong

Best coach: @bgtennisnation
With his infamous nicknames and insight into the game, all delivered at triple high speed, Brad Gilbert is a fascinating follow, even if you do have to skim over the lack of spelling and grammar…

Should be a very good final today with Shazza vs Aggy Rad no love lost between the 2 that makes it very interesting who you got today

Best mum: @judmoo
Never failing to seize on a joke when it is there for the taking, Judy has taken to twitter like Federer to grass, delivering insights into her travels around the UK and the world, and, even just housework. And she sure does know her cakes.

I have been “tidying” all day and I’ve made more mess than when I started. I consider that a skill.

Best pet: @maggiemay_hem
Two members of the Murray family may be overkill, but Maggie May is not your average mut. She tweets, she twitpics, she banters. It’s funny stuff.

Shake Shack is my kind of joint https://twitter.com/#!/maggiemay_hem/status/186623322656747521/photo/1

Best baby: @micaelabyran
Bob Bryan’s little un has just begun tweeting, and it’s riotous, quite frankly.

Having a bad hair day. https://twitter.com/#!/MicaelaBryan/status/186831565123366912/photo/1