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Marat Safin

Top 10 smashed, mangled, broken rackets


Marat Safin’s anger on the practice court
Safin is renowned for his racket smashing in matches. But when you smash your racket during training, and for no clear reason, something must have seriously annoyed you (or maybe you just have to practice breaking rackets as much as you practice hitting cross-court forehands). At the end of a training session at the US Open one year, he whacked his racket on the ground, looked at the frame and saw it was not broken, so took a second swipe, then walked over and high-fived his training partner.

Goran Ivanisevic runs out of rackets
The Croat was playing in the second round of a tournament in Brighton. Or he was until he smashed all his rackets and was left without a frame to swing. With an empty racket bag, he was forced to retire due to lack of equipment.

Marcos Baghdatis goes mad at a changeover
The Cypriot destroyed four rackets while playing Stanislas Wawrinka at this year’s Australian Open. And he did it in style – smashing two of the rackets without bothering to remove their polythene wrapping.

Roger Federer’s unexpected violence
Such was Federer’s frustration during a defeat to Novak Djokovic in Miami in 2009 that Mr Smooth became Mr Angry, or even Raging Roger. He smashed the hell out of one of his rackets.

Andy Roddick asks to be punished
Playing in Madrid, Roddick clumped his racket on the baseline, and as he walked to the baseline, asked the umpire: “Have you given me a warning yet?” The official hadn’t, so Roddick smashed it a few more times for good measure.

Agnieszka Radwanska’s Exploding Racket Trick
The Pole was playing what appeared to be a routine forehand at last year’s Australian Open when her racket broke in half, above the grip.

Marat Safin goes mad in Monte Carlo
After losing a long rally during a match at the Monte Carlo Country Club one spring, Safin hurled his racket against his chair, causing it to split in two.

Fernando Gonzalez’s racket rage
Roger Federer can do this to you. He had Gonzalez hitting the racket so hard – in the middle of the court, once by his changeover chair, then by his changeover chair a couple more times – that he probably deployed enough force to break four frames.

Novak Djokovic
At the end of last summer’s Wimbledon fortnight, Djokovic was eating the grass, in celebration of winning his first title at the All England Club. Earlier in the tournament, he had become so annoyed that he had repeatedly smacked a racket into the same Centre Court turf.

Serena Williams on the practice court
“I actually used to break a lot of rackets. I sometimes break them in practice, just not anymore. I can’t necessarily go and say you shouldn’t do that when I was actually someone that did it a lot. I got to a place where I could see how many places I could crack a racket. I got five.”

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