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Stosur: WTA players not happy about blue clay


Sam Stosur, the US Open champion and a former French Open finalist, has told The Tennis Space that WTA players are “not ecstatic” about playing on blue clay at next month’s tournament in Madrid. “I don’t think the courts in Madrid are that great anyway, and if they don’t improve the courts, and just change the colour to blue, that would be pointless,” said Australia’s world number five.

“I can’t say I’m that excited or pleased about playing on the blue clay in Madrid, no. I don’t think it’s a good idea changing the colour of the dirt. The dirt is brown, not blue. I’ve spoken to a few of the girls about it and I can’t say that any of the players are that ecstatic about the blue. I don’t see the point of changing the colour to blue at one of the most important tournaments before the French Open, and I don’t want blue all over my clothes.

“I don’t think the courts in Madrid are that great anyway. If they have changed how the courts play, as well as the colour, and the courts play better, that’s great. But if they have changed the colour, and the courts still play the same, that’s pointless. I think it worked well when the Australian Open changed the colour of the courts from green to blue, but that’s just a case of painting cement. This is changing the colour of the dirt, and that’s different.”

Stosur is playing at this week’s Porsche Tennis Grand Prix in Stuttgart.

  • http://twitter.com/morann01 Djokoholic

    The top guys don’t like it either so it’s not just the girls.