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Miami 2012 - Sharapova kiss

Oddballs and Oddities


The latest odds and sods from the tennis world…

Canine creations
Attention Maggie May, Pierre the poodle and other tennis players’ best friends. If you’re feeling the spring chill, look no further than American Apparel, which has a full range of ‘dog jumpers’ on offer. No joke.

Maggie described them as ‘fashion forward.’

Gif it
Did you catch Andy Murray’s hilarious attempt at answering an Olympics quiz? The Muzz struggled a little, to say the least., and was the first to admit his embarrassment.  So if you want a neat summary of his various reactions, look no further than I Love Andy Murray, where you can see them gif-ed up in fabulous fashion. Just scroll down past the angry Monte Carlo pictures.

Are you a tennis fan?
Are you prone to staying up at inhumane hours, watching the ticking over of a live scoreboard, just to see if your favourite Mr, Mrs or Miss made it through to the next round? Then this should make you feel right at home.

Tennis players are not to be trusted
First Caroline and the Kangaroo, now Maria and the hair cut that wasn’t. After wowing the twittersphere and facebookfield with the news that she’d chopped her long blonde locks into a Gwyneth-style I don’t know what it’s called, just when fans were working out how she’d wear the new look on the court, Maria revealed she had been pulling everyone’s leg. It was a wig. And a very convincing one too.

On the subject of haircuts, if you didn’t catch The Tennis Space’s exclusive that Andy Murray didn’t exactly mean to cut his hair as short as he did, read more on that here, or, Svetlana Kuznetsova, who did mean to do exactly what she did to her hair. Sadly.

Jankovic goes party-rocking
She had a hit with the LMFAO frontman. Never will a headline read more strangely.

When you just can’t beat a good prank
James Blake pulled a spectacular one on John Isner. Well played. We await the comeback.

Have a great weekend.