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Andy Murray's unintentional buzzcut


Much has been made of Andy Murray’s new buzzcut. The Herald newspaper described the haircut as “a rallying call for the nation. It’s a sign that says ‘I’m no longer happy to be a fringe success. I want to be Number 1.’ It’s a sign that our collective inferiority complex is being cast aside. It’s a sign that re-asserts the Braveheart motion he’s prepared to go out there and battle.”

But it would seem that Murray didn’t mean to go so short. “Andy borrowed some clippers from Treacle [his fitness trainer Matt Little], and didn’t know that it would be so short,” his mother Judy, who is in Sweden preparing her Great Britain team for this weekend’s Fed Cup tie, told The Tennis Space. “Once he had started shaving his head at grade one, there was no going back; he had to carry on as you couldn’t have the hair different lengths. So he hadn’t worked out the settings on the clippers before he used them. Doesn’t matter, though. I like the haircut.”