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Andy Roddick

Tune in to Radio Roddick


Andy Roddick’s talent as a broadcaster (plus his comic timing, and the occasionally acid tongue) became apparent the time he hosted Saturday Night Live. That was almost ten years ago. Now, as he prepares for a life after tennis, he has been trying out a new career as a radio talk show, discussing sport, popular culture and his wife Brooklyn Decker’s nights out with Serena Williams.

Roddick has sat on too many planes to want to go around the world again as a tennis commentator, and he has always had an interest in radio. Roddick and his friend Bobby Bones are a couple of months into a contract to host a weekly show for Fox Sports Radio, and the intention, according to Decker, is to broadcast daily once A-Rod – does anyone still call him that? – has put his rackets down. Decker disclosed recently that “Andy and Bobby hope to eventually make it a weekly show, but of course that will probably be two years down the line once Andy is completely finished in tennis”.

Perhaps a weekly radio show will come sooner than 2014. “You never know what will happen in the world of tennis, with injuries and all kinds of stuff. But full-time radio is about two years or so away,” said Decker.

Roddick can broadcast from anywhere in the world; he has already done shows from Melbourne and Los Angeles. He likes the idea, in the future, of being able to work from home, or on location with his wife, a model and a Hollywood actress. Radio Roddick could soon be coming from green rooms, not locker rooms.

He recognises that he is fortunate to already have a syndicated show. “I feel spoilt, as there are guys who have been in radio for a long time who haven’t been syndicated to the largest markets in the States,” said the former world number one and US Open champion. “I’m getting all these opportunities right away. I realise that I’m lucky. I try hard to come up with good stuff for the show. We had Serena on the other day, and she had been out with my wife the night before. Serena told me that my wife had spanked her on the ass. I didn’t know what to do with that one. There was a bit of silence there.”

Please don’t objectify Marat, or call him the Himbo of the Russian political scene. Here is Marat Safin discussing his new career, as a politician with a seat in the Duma. He told atpchampionstour.com: “I’m not there just to sit around and be a cute guy in a suit. I’m there to go further. To work on yourself you need to do it every day. I am very demanding of myself. I don’t want to be a loser there, I want to be the guy. I don’t want to be the guy that people say is stupid but cute, no, I want to be the guy who does something.”