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Maria Sharapova - celebration

Sharapova talks wedding plans, basketball and sketching


Maria Sharapova talks to The Tennis Space about her plans for her wedding to basketball player Sasha Vujacic (“we’re not getting married in an abbey like Will and Kate”), on shooting hoops (“I’m terrible, really bad”), and on her love of sketching (“I’m no Picasso, but I’m good at bringing ideas to the table”).

On plans for her wedding:
“I watched the royal wedding and I thought it was so grand, with all those millions of people around the world taking an interest in those two people, and I love Kate’s dress. But I wasn’t watching it to get any tips for my wedding. I don’t think I’m going to be getting married in an abbey. It’s going to be a lot smaller and I put the emphasis on a lot.”

On her husband-to-be:
“It’s helpful that he has the understanding of what an athlete does and what it takes. Even the small things, like the routines you go through before matches and before tournaments, how physically and mentally tough it is. That understanding between us is great. It’s not as if we talk about sport the whole time, but that understanding is definitely comforting.”

On playing basketball:
“He has tried to teach me how to play basketball, but I’m terrible, really bad. I’ve got the legs for it, but he tells me I don’t use my legs enough on my free throw.”

On ambition:
“I’ve always had a really good head on my shoulders in terms of having perspective. I’ve never been afraid not to have tennis in my life, if it comes to that, but I’ve always wanted it to be part of my life every single day that I wake up. That’s because I’ve always felt as though I can be a better player. I’ve always looked at the good side, and what I’ve already achieved, and I believe I can achieve more.”

On designing a ballet shoe for Cole Haan (which was their best-selling item):
“It’s fun for me. I feel like it’s an achievement. Tennis is something I’ve worked for since I was four years old. It’s something that on a daily basis that I work for. Something like that – I didn’t study design or go to school for it, so to be appreciated for something, for people to go in a store and like something that I did that I didn’t have so much experience with, is really flattering, a surprise. I think people that buy it don’t buy it because they see me as a designer, but because they like my style or the way I thought of things.”

On going into shops to see how her shoes are selling:
“Oh yeah, I do it all the time. I love that stuff. The stores are in the States and Japan and Hong Kong. I think they just opened one in Dubai. When I go there, I always talk to the manager and duty people, what’s been doing well. We talk about things. I love getting consumer reports, I think it’s one of my favourite things, studying what people have to say about the product and then trying to make it better and that also goes for my Nike collection. I was just at a club recently, there was a little junior tournament and I saw two girls wearing a dress of mine and they were just so adorable, it was over the bottom of their knee, it was so cute. It’s really flattering.”

On sketching designs:
“I make my own sketches but I am no Picasso or anything. I never studied it so I am not a professional. But I’m good at bringing ideas to the table. There is a whole team behind with materials, branding, and all of that, that helps me bring my ideas to life. I bring a lot of sketches, I take pictures around the world. Whether it’s architecture, whether it’s something in more detail.”


  • guesty

    must be soul destroying for actual studied designers to see her being given designing jobs. depressing.