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Rafael Nadal beats Roger Federer

People of Influence: No 7 Rafael Nadal


The Tennis Space: People of Influence:

Number 7: Rafael Nadal.

Sphere of influence: men’s tennis, swimsuit shoots.
It is too early, perhaps, to call it the end of the bromance, but Nadal and Roger Federer plainly have different views on how the players should make their case over changes to the calendar and taking a bigger cut from the slams. Nadal said during the Australian Open that Federer was letting others “burn”: “His position is easy: do not say anything, all positive, I am a gentleman.” Though only 25, Nadal is one of the grandees one of the sport: ten slams give you plenty of authority.

As Nadal’s English has improved, he has become ever more confident at giving his opinion, no?

No one should ever suggest that the Majorcan is outspoken, but he plainly knows his own mind, and his colleagues in the locker-room respect his clarity of thought, and integrity. Nadal is extremely influential when it comes to selling tennis to those would not know their continental from their semi-western grips. Just look at the photo-shoot he did with a supermodel for Sports Illustrated. Or the Armani adverts. 

What’s next: In addition to trying to beat Novak Djokovic at the slams – he has lost to the Serbian in the last three finals – Nadal will be trying to make the case for a shorter, more lucrative season. Vote Rafa for less work and more pay.

  • Missy

    It’s a good thing people read more than posts like this about Nadal or he wouldn’t have made the top 100.  Really, 7th most influential and not one good thing to say. 

  • Lynnbuhlig

    Yikes… his sphere of influence is limited to his tennis and “swimsuit shoots”?  What about his foundation, recognition as a balanced athlete, etc?  It is painful to read poor writing like this.  One slightly negative comment from Federer/Nadal and you say the “bromance” is over?  I appreciate the idea, but the delivery is high-school like.  Keep working on your writing.