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Oddballs and Oddities


A smattering of some of the weird and wonderful things that have happened in the tennis strata this week

The I-dub bug
The nightmare continued for the poor organisers of the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, as a Coachella Valley-wide stomach bug, variously coined as the ‘I-dub bug’ in Indian ‘Un-Wells’, rampaged through the beautiful desert surroundings of the much-loved tournament, forcing player after player to withdraw or retire from the tournament, and even striking down a few of the press corps too.

Pity the poor journalist, however, who thought she had the I-dub bug, went to hospital with it, and ended up discovering kidney stones instead. Ouch.

Li Na, we salute you
One player not to catch the bug though was Li Na, who instead spent her time improving her hula hooping. Just, priceless.

JJ, La Fashionista
Watch and learn about Jelena Jankovic’s shopping trip. Fascinating, I assure you.

Murray’s been busy
He may have suffered another head-scratching loss in this part of the season, but Andy Murray was clearly running on plenty of ammunition while filming a new commercial for HEAD. The hairdressing bit is the best. I think.

Ever the gent
Being around Rafael Nadal is always a marvel. Not because of his imposing physique – he’s so much taller in the flesh – or what he’s done, but because he really is just like us. I’ve already told the tale of him circling the restaurant three times trying to work out what to eat for lunch, but did you know that he says ‘hallo’ to almost every person he walks past, even tiny babies?

He also helped out a poor, no doubt mortified fan, who took a tumble in his eagerness to get a photo of Rafa after a doubles match.

Rafa, even, according to Richard Evans, told off his doubles partner Marc Lopez for smashing a racket. Is it all too good to be true? I hope not.

Michael Llodra
What was he thinking. That’s all I have to say.

Not Maria’s cup of tea…
Dancing with the Stars, that is. She said quite bluntly that it is “not very appealing to her.” Take note.

But she has no problem working her new confectionary line, Sugarpova. Apples and oranges?

The perils of pronunciation
A man was penalised for mis-pronouncing ‘Wimbledon’ on the hit tv show Jeopardy. Americans, foreigners, everyone…learn from his mistake.

  • guesty

    Spot on about Sharapova, she really can’t be snooty about anything considering all the crap she endorses.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/2VD756TDLGPHNVFGZJEHPS4RHA shelley

    No, Rafa is not too good to be true.  He really is a very sweet, down to earth guy who doesn’t think he’s a big deal just because he plays tennis.  Doesn’t he have the greatest smile?

  • Pipsqueak

    Right Dancing with the Stars is not very appealing to Sharapova but connecting with her inner baby by drinking Evian and wearing this T is?