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Indian Wells 3

Five places to eat and drink in Indian Wells


The Corona tent
The hub of the Indian Wells tennis garden, the Corona tent entertains hundreds by day and then lights up like a Christmas tree by night. It may only sell Corona, and at extortionate prices, but it is the ideal place to stretch out and relax. And you can’t miss it. So if you need a meeting point it’s a good one.
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Corona. Simple.

The Beerhunter
There is no place quite like the American sports bar. With more tv screens than you could cram into your local Dixons, a healthy selection of many different types of burger, and lots of beer, the Beerhunter is the backbone of Indian Wells for anyone under the age of 50.

And, it has one major attraction. Shuffleboard. Not a plank for old folks to shuffle along, but the miniature equivalent of curling, without the brooms. It’s brilliant. Jamie and Andy Murray are known to be fans too.
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Sports in all their glory.

Renaissance Esmeralda
Habitation choice of many of the players and tournament staff, if you’re looking for tennis folk late at night, then you can’t go wrong with the Esmeralda’s Glo Lobby Bar, home to aperitif, cocktail and beer aplenty. The Desert Rose Martini is particularly good, we here, as is an Esmeralda Margarita. And if you’re peckish, the Glo Sushi Bar is in the next door room.
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Boudoir of Cakes
For those fond of sweet things that aren’t candy and chocolate this cakerie is recommended. Queen of cakes, Judy Murray, is somewhere in the vicinity.
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Your local Ralph’s
Staple for any Indian Wells visitor, Ralph’s is to Americans like Waitrose is to Brits. I think. They have everything you could possibly need, in huge quantities, 10 times over. The only thing you might struggle to find is regular cheese. But other than that, you’re sorted.
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  • Scambers

    Ralph’s – like Waitrose is to Brits. Brilliant…