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Kim Clijsters

Do tennis players care about the Olympics?


With the Olympic tennis event to be played at the All England Club this summer, the world’s leading players disclose what it would mean to them to win a gold medal. 

Victoria Azarenka:
“Winning the Olympics is one of my main goals. I mean, this event comes only once every four years, and it’s so special, you know. It’s history. So for me it’s one of the main goals this year, and I would love to win a medal.”
Novak Djokovic:
“The Olympics is the most prestigious, the most valuable, the most well-known sporting event in the history of sport. I’m very happy to be representing my country again. I hope I can play well, perform well and bring a medal to Serbia.” 
Roger Federer:
“With all the history there at Wimbledon, it’s very special to have the Olympics there. I’m really excited about playing there and getting a chance to maybe pick up a singles gold.” 
Serena Williams:
“I think Wimbledon is great as an Olympic venue. I think it’s probably the best tennis venue in the world. It’s going to be on grass, which I look forward to.”
Andy Murray:
“I think the Olympics is, without question, the biggest sporting event in the world, and everyone is obviously there and proud to represent their country.” 
Maria Sharapova:
“This year is a big year for me because I’ll be playing in the Olympics, which has been a dream of mine since I was a young girl. Growing up in Russia, it was all about being an Olympian. I was extremely disappointed I missed Beijing. This year, there’s going to be a long grass-court season, which will be fun.” 
Rafael Nadal:
“The Olympics are a very special event. Being able to live those moments with other sports people, that’s very special.” 
Petra Kvitova:
“For me, the Olympics are really important. I’m looking forward to playing the Olympics in London. For me, it’s like the fifth grand slam, so hopefully I will be ready to play there.” 
Kim Clijsters:
“I have never played the Olympics, but I don’t think you can compare the Olympics to another grand slam just because the atmosphere is so completely different. I think there will be a lot of details that will be so not like Wimbledon that it will feel different.”