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Andy Murray - defeat in semi-final

Andy Murray exclusive: how to hit a drop shot


Ever since Andy Murray burst onto the tour, he has had a repertoire of shots greater than almost all of his rivals. For some players, having too many choices can lead to confusion but it is surely far better to have the shot in your locker than not. The world No 4 has always enjoyed hitting the drop shot, that most delicate of shots that can leave opponents for dead when it is played well and at the right time.

A bad drop shot can make a player look foolish but a good drop shot can frustrate the opponent and when it is played perfectly, there is something almost artistic about it. Love it or hate it, it is always a talking point and Murray took time out to tell The Tennis Space exactly how to hit the perfect drop shot.

Don’t let them know what’s coming

“To me, disguise is the most important thing. For me, it’s a lot easier for double-handers to disguise because, with the single-hander, it’s easier to see what’s coming. Whereas with the double-handers, they normally take the racket back a little higher, a little bit more up, and then it’s a lot easier to just take one hand off, whereas I find it much easier to read other single handers’ drop shots. Disguise is the most important thing because if the guy sees it, everyone’s so quick they’re going to get there.”

Play it at the right time

“It’s true that you have to be ready to cover the drop shot, if they get it. But if you play it at the right time, when you’re inside the court, it’s a lot easier to cover the angle. When you’re too far behind the baseline you can’t cover them, so you have got to choose the right time to use it.”

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