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Ana Ivanovic - racket

Win Ana Ivanovic's Yonex racket


Win the YONEX EZONE XI 98IN, the racket which Ana Ivanovic plays with.

To enter, please tell us where Ivanovic occasionally practised as a child:

A – In a drained bathtub

B – In an empty swimming pool.

C – In an abandoned bus depot.

Please send your entry to competitions@thetennisspace.com

Congratulations to Eva Bernini, who correctly answered B, in an empty swimming pool.  

  • shuiguosala

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  • Eva

    Thanks guys!!!
    I sent you an email, I hope you’ll answered to me :)

  • JL

    I know tha answer because Ana is my idol!
    But,I didn’t kow for this competition.Congrat Eva :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Eva-Bernini/1321086154 Eva Bernini

    Guys, I wrote you lots of times, but I don’t know if you received my emails. I would like to know if the racket has been shipped to the address I gave you. I hope you answer here. Thanks!