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Maria Sharapova's Head bag

What's Maria Sharapova's bag?


A review of Maria Sharapova’s Racket Court Bag, by Head.

Who knew that tennis players, who spend half their lives in airport terminals, don’t like what happens when they carry traditional racket bags to the gate?

“I really hate carrying tennis bags in the airport,” Novak Djokovic has said. “People are like, ”oh, that’s a tennis player, who is it?’ Then they’re like, ‘I didn’t recognise you, I recognised your bag’.” Here to help is Maria Sharapova, who has worked with Head, her racket supplier, to develop a racket bag that does not look like a racket bag; this is closed to being a stylish weekend bag than something you would keep your ‘bats’ in. Together, they have created the Maria Sharapova Racket Court Bag. “I had this idea in my mind that I wanted to create something that did not look like a traditional tennis bag, that had a bit of a different shape. When we sat down with Head during the design process, I spoke about how there are so many bags on the market that look like tennis bags.”

So here’s one that doesn’t.