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Rafael Nadal beats Roger Federer

Is this racket the future of tennis?


Babolat’s Play and Connect racket, to be tested this summer and launched in 2013.

The arms-race in racket technology has transformed tennis – players can hit the ball with a force that would have broken your wirst back in the 1970s. But there is clearly more to tennis than cuffing the felt off the ball, and forever searching for more power. Babolat, Rafael Nadal’s racket supplier, have disclosed that they have been developing a new racket with a unique selling point, that will give you more information thanks to the electronic sensors in the frame.

Prototypes of the racket will be tested at the French Open, with the frame to go on sale in 2013. This extra information could help your average club hacker. Who knows, it could also help Nadal in his efforts to fend off Novak Djokovic. 

“As tennis is played today, players have very little information for evaluating their performance outside of the match results. They lack data for analysing their game, whether for studying their own progress or for comparing their performance to other players,” Babolat said. “As a result of research conducted over the course of five years, Babolat is developing the ‘Play and Connect’ racket which offers a new experience to players thanks to sensors integrated in the racket that record the flow of data.”

  • Oliver Bett

    Please can we have more information as to what sort of info the racket will actually be able to give?

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