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Brooklyn Decker

Andy Roddick is no longer as famous as his wife


As the new issue of British GQ puts it, Brooklyn Decker, aka Mrs Andy Roddick, is ‘clever, sexy, and funny’, and don’t bother approaching her unless your pick-up line is ‘bulletproof’. Decker, a model turned actress, tells the magazine an anti-bloke joke: “What do you do when you see your husband swaying and hobbling around like a drunken idiot in the front yard? Shoot him again.”
Roddick’s career is starting to tail off (it’s almost ten years now since he won his only slam, the 2003 US Open), and his wife’s is surging. Decker was once the cover star of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue, which is the modelling equivalent of winning Wimbledon. GQ’s prediction is that “this will be the year that Decker makes it big in Hollywood, with two huge films in the pipeline”. Acting is now her thing, more than wearing swimsuits: “I loved the opportunities I got from modelling, but working in film kicks my ass, and that makes me the happiest.” Tennis fans may recall that Decker talked her husband out of retirement, when he was contemplating spiking his tennis career, and for now she is probably most famous for being married to a former world number one. That is going to change in 2012. Soon Roddick will be Mr Brooklyn Decker.
One of her two big films this year is What to Expect When You’re Expecting, which also stars Cameron Diaz, Elizabeth Banks and Jennifer Lopez. The other is Battleship, in which she appears alongside Rihanna and Alexander Skarsgard.
Elsewhere in the April issue, the former cricketer Ed Smith writes about hard work by sportsmen, how Andy Murray’s now coach Ivan Lendl was the first to graft, but that soaking T-shirts with sweat and blood is now no longer enough. You need talent. Smith writes: “Here’s the paradox. Lendl’s example will not help future players in his mould. As the training regimes of every top tennis player improve, it becomes harder to find an edge through practice and talent inevitably becomes a more decisive factor. That’s good news for tennis fans; bad news for players who don’t have as much talent as their rivals. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s true: as training methods become increasingly scientific, talent will separate the best from the rest. There will be more Federers at the top, fewer Federers. Talent isn’t done yet.” 
It’s an interesting take on modern tennis. Roddick achieved what he did through being a grafter. Then came the full flowering of Federer’s talent. Then Nadal’s. Then Djokovic’s. Never mind. Roddick has had a good career. Now he can enjoy his wife’s time in the arc-lights.

So Aga Radwanska is getting angry (see her comments about Victoria Azarenka). And she is getting better, moving up the rankings. Are the two connected?

  • Hifi Guy3

    Brooke wud have NEVER bagged that SI swimsuit cover w/o being Andy’s wife.