© Ella Ling

Heather Watson

60 seconds with Heather Watson


Actress I would like to play me in a film: Kevin Hart dressed as a girl.
If I wasn’t a tennis player, I would be: In fashion or interior design.
I never travel to a tournament without: Rackets.
Favourite city on the tour: Melbourne.
Favourite restaurant on the tour: Any Japanese restaurant.
Favourite shop on the tour: Thorntons.
The last place I visited on holiday: Cancun with the family.
The last book I read: One Day by David Nicholls.
The last film I watched: Planet of the Apes.
The last album I listened to: Drake’s new album.
The last meal I cooked: Garlic prawns, my speciality.
The last joke I laughed at: Lee Evans stand-up set.
The last time I was recognized by a member of the public: The other day, when food shopping.
The last time I broke a racket: I’m not telling.
Grass, hard or clay? Hard.
Serena or Venus? Venus.
Roger, Rafa, Novak or Andy? Novak.
Hot or cold? Hot.
Sand or snow? Sand.
Be invisible or fly? Invisible.
If I won the lottery, I would: Throw a massive party.