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Australian Open

Wishes for 2012


What do you want from this tennis year? 
Brad Gilbert:
“For the men to finish their season at the same time as the women’s – so more than a month earlier than they do at the moment – so they can get some proper training done, and work on their games. And for there to be an extra week between the French Open and Wimbledon – three instead of two – so we can have a proper grass-court swing.” 
Anne Keothavong:
“To be on the Olympic team. I missed out on Beijing. The Olympics have always been a huge event for me. When I was growing up, I used to watch it. The fact that it’s in London, that makes it even more special, as I don’t think I’m going to see that in my lifetime again. There’s nothing I would love more than to have a Great Britain tracksuit and to be part of it, and to mix in with the other athletes. And, also, I didn’t get any tickets. If I don’t play, I won’t get an opportunity to see anything. I applied for thousands of pounds worth of tickets, and I got a big fat zero.” 
Tim Henman:
“It’s a tough one for me, as Murray and Federer are my two favourites. I suppose, from a British point of view, Murray to win a slam, and preferably the Australian Open. If he won in Australia, that would set him up for the year. I don’t think that’s easy, the fact he’s been in three slam finals already, and lost them. To get that monkey off the back early in the year, that would be great for him.”
Nick Bollettieri:
“I would like to see a rivalry in the women’s game, the sort of rivalry that will get people excited. Venus against Serena, Kim Clijsters against Justine Henin, we need another like that.” 
Greg Rusedski:
“I would like to see more variety in the game. For me, the best period of tennis was in the 1980s, the time of McEnroe and Borg, as you could win serving-and-volleying or you could win by playing at the baseline. I want to see a contrast in styles. I think the best matches are between great baseliners and great serve-and-volleyers. I would like the ATP, rather than always having a medium court and a medium or slow ball, to change things round with the the speed of the court and ball, so we could have some of that variety back. It was watching Borg against McEnroe play, and seeing those contrast in styles, which got me into tennis. You were either a McEnroe fan or a Borg fan, and the two were quite extreme. At the moment, we’re getting sensational tennis, but what is lacking is variety.” 
Mark Petchey:
“I would like to see Andy Murray win in Australia, because then the pressure would be off. The way the calendar works off, there aren’t many warm-up tournaments. He obviously trains like crazy going into it. That’s an easier tournament for him to go into. He had a great clay-court season last year, but the French Open is always going to be a tough one for him to win. Suddenly, he’s under immense pressure at Wimbledon, and then there’s only one left, the US Open. So for him to win the Australian Open would be great.”

  • Aditya Parihar

    i want Del Potro and Sabine Liscki to win a major

  • Nataniel Kraizelburd

    Rusedski on the money… in particular re: court surfaces, and the need for more variety.

  • Ian

    As a Scot myself and a Murray sympathizer I would like him to stop acting like a spoiled child on court and he might then win a grand slam.
    If he doesn’t wise up then I couldn’t care less what he does!