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Dmitry Tursunov

Introducing our 'Agony Uncle': Dmitry Tursunov


Do you need help with a tennis problem? Do you have concerns or worries about matters on or off the court at your club or park facility? Have you been agonising over a modern tennis dilemma or a point of etiquette?

Our ‘Agony Uncle’, Dmitry Tursunov, is waiting to hear your problems, though we cannot guarantee that the Russian will answer in a sensitive fashion. To reach Dmitry, who is the world number 43, the third worst behaved man in the sport (according to analysis by The Tennis Space of fines at the slams), and also the funniest man on the tennis scene, please email mark@thetennisspace.com and we will pass on your messages. Please mark your email with the subject, ‘Dear Uncle Dmitry’.