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Andy Murray

Greg Rusedski: Andy Murray "needs to change"


Greg Rusedski on why Andy Murray must change if he wants to win a grand slam.

Rusedski on Murray:

“There are a few tweaks Andy can make to his game. For a top guy, his smash is not very good. Technically, he could clean that up a little bit. He could also make small technical tweaks to his serve and forehand to improve those. For me, the main issue is the mental side. He works hard on the court, he works hard in the gym. He puts in the hours. Ninety-seven of the top 100 guys, he will beat them. Against the very top three guys, it’s about having an edge. It’s psychological. How does he come through that? When things aren’t going well for him, that’s very obvious out there. He needs to change that.

“Look at Federer. When he was 19, he was a kid throwing his racket, he was screaming and yelling, and now he’s quiet, he’s the coolest guy. I’m not saying that Andy has to become just like that, but it shows that change is possible. He’s closer than ever before, and gaining more confidence, because he’s just had his best year at the majors, reaching one final and three semis. He’s been getting better, but it’s all about what happens at the crunch moment. There’s no disgrace in the fact that Andy has lost two slam finals to Federer, and one to Djokovic, but he still hasn’t won a set. The next time he gets in a slam final, he needs to play aggressively and to stand toe-to-toe against his opponent. The big question with Andy has always been mental.”

Rusedski on the other members of the Big Four:  

“The big question on Novak Djokovic is whether he’s healthy or not. His shoulder has been bothering him since last year’s US Open, and he hasn’t played well since then. Will he have recovered in time to play as well this year as he did last year? I think it’s going to be almost impossible for his 2012 to be as good as his 2011. Australia is going to be fascinating. Can Federer win a 17th slam? He looked good at the end of the year, winning the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals. Has it been a mental issue for him recently? If he can work that out, he can possibly win a 17th. I think Rafa Nadal is going to be really strong this year. It’s very intriguing, and we’ve also got the Olympics at Wimbledon.”

  • Will T-S

    Good to see the voice of reason from Greg Rusedski again. Why did he ever retire?