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Bernard Tomic's girlfriend

Everything about the girl


You will be wanting to know more about the blonde girl in Bernard Tomic’s guests-box, the one who blew him a kiss after he reached the fourth round of the Australian Open to set up a match against Roger Federer. The one who has been on the front page of Melbourne’s Herald Sun, and who accompanied him to the pre-tournament players’ party. She apparently wants all the focus to be on her boyfriend’s tennis; that looks unlikely now. Here is The Tennis Space briefing, Five Things You Need to Know about Donay Meijer.

A catwalk and photographic model, she is also studying to become a pharmacist. Inevitably, she has been described as having “beauty and brains”. “She’s very academic and she was getting a lot of modelling work before she decided to return to study,” Donay’s mother, Dorothy, told the Herald Sun. A gallery of images on the paper’s website has shots of her in her swimwear, plus one of her leaning on a pile of textbooks, including ‘Aesthetics of Removable Dentures’, with her fingers crossed. If that does not satisfy your curiosity for Donay, there are also shots of her strolling the streets of Melbourne, looking through a rail in a clothes shop, and talking on her mobile telephone. Plus a few more of her in a bikini.

Donay’s mother approves. “He’s a lovely young man. They are a lovely couple and I am happy for them, but I don’t want to get in trouble by talking about it,” Dorothy said of her daughter and Tomic, who apparently met six months ago.

Donay can do “very sultry”; she can also do “girl next door”. “Her look is very commercial given she has a very sultry feel about her, yet she still oozes girl-next-door great looks,” Donay’s agent, Kathy Castens, of Katz Model Management, told the Herald Sun. “There’s no doubt at all her modelling career would really take off if she pursued it full-time, but she’s stepped back from it for now.”

This fortnight, her priority is Bernie. “I’m happy to just support Bernard in any way I can. I am happy for the focus to be on his tennis.”

Brooklyn Decker, or Mrs Roddick, is still the queen of players’ wives and girlfriends. After all, she’s been on the cover of the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated (for a model, that’s like winning the Australian Open).